Nurturing for the new age

Brahmi skincare brings formulations from Ayurvedic texts of ancient India with clinically proven organic ingredients. Our essence is “Skincare is simple”, we don’t need many products to make our skin look perfect. We just need the right products, according to our skin type.


Skincare with Ayurvedic ingredients to nurture and relax the skin, for everyday use in busy and stressful lifestyle which helps you bring balance to your skin. It's the small things that bring balance.


Hydrating face oils

Formulated to promote healthier, more beautiful looking skin, this effective Advanced Night Repair treatment oil is an outstanding addition to your skin care routine. Your skin will look younger and more radiant as a result.


Your skin deserves the best

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Cruelty free

Our products are non-toxic, not tested on animals, and unadulterated without the use of parabens, sulphates, chemical sunscreens, and synthetic fragrances.


Our products have not been made using animal products or byproducts and animal testing was not done at any stage and also ensures that no animal-derived GMOs have been included. 



Our products is 100%  recyclable. We are conscious and sustainable brand. Our products are made in limited batches so we dont stress the nature. We respect the home we live on - Earth