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Face oil- Do you really “need” it? Here are the facts

Face oil, especially ayurvedic face oil, is an effective skin care product and an essential element in fine skincare. It is one of the new age products that add the much-needed oomph to brighten up your skin.

A face oil or elixir is a product that needs to be in every girl’s beauty routine. Even if you are a minimalist, adding face oil to your skincare routine can work wonders in giving you that glowing moisturized fresh face, without makeup.

Who needs to use Face oil? What is the best oil for dry skin?​

Why Is Face Oil An Essential Element Of Vata Skin Care Routine? The main reason for dry skin is the inability of the skin to hold moisture. So once you have your moisturiser on, seal it with a hydrating pampering face oil to prevent the water molecules from escaping the skin surface. Our face oil also help reduce the appearance of dry skin patches, soothes irritated skin, and give you a lasting glow that dry skin is often missing.

Face oil is best recommended for those with dry skin. It helps hydrate and keep the moisture level in your skin high throughout the day. Even if you have combination and dry skin, you can use (the right) face oil to nourish and plump up your skin.

Brahmi’s exclusive luxe face oil line is composed of light and portent herbal ingredients that don’t clog pores. Our face oils are a crowd favourite for their light texture and “glow from within” look.

Even if you are a pro at skincare or just starting out with minimal products, face oil is definitely a luxurious addition for that extra pampering for your face.

How to use face oil?

There are different ways to use face oil. The key is to remember that it seals in moisture.

Face oil right after your moisturiser

This way, the oils help create a barrier to prevent the loss of moisture from your skin. We recommend you cleanse your face, moisturise and then slather on the face oil. Massage it gently on the face and let it sink in before you jump into the next step.

Face oil mixed with make up

This was an idea introduced by make-up artists and we swear by it. If you use makeup every day or even occasionally, use the face oil mixed with your foundation to achieve that fresh, dewy look. Face oil also helps to spread the foundation more evenly on your skin.

You can also use the face oil as a primer for your foundation so that it gives a beautiful natural finish.

What is in our face oil? Which is the best facial oil for sensitive skin

The ingredient is King. Brahmi’s range of face oils is an exclusive ayurvedic concoction designed for skin according to the doshas. It is important to understand that face oils have to be used carefully and selected to suit your skin type so that it doesn’t clog pores. Ayurvedic oils are the best choice since they combine natural ingredients and are made with care. Our vata or dry skin face oil is enriched with the goodness of sunflower seeds oil and brahmi herb extract, both excellent ingredients to keep your skin super-hydrated. When we come to our face oils for combination/sensitive skin, also known as pitta dosha, the product is made of lotus seed extract and saffron flower extract to gently act as a moisture barrier. As for face oil for our kapha or oily skin, it is carefully orchestrated with jasmine flower extract to control your facial oil.

Ready to give face oils a try? We assure you, you’ll love the feel of it on your skin. Order your today at