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Dry skin ritual box

Dry skin ritual box


  • Rose and Tulsi face cleanser – 50ml
  • Gentle exfoliant – dry skin – 50gm
  • Nourishing Moisturiser – dry skin – 50ml
  • Ultimate hydrating face oil – dry skin – 30ml

Morning Routine:

  • Begin your morning skincare routine with our gentle Rose and Tulsi face cleanser to cleanse your skin.
  • Follow up with our nourishing moisturizer that is specifically formulated for dry skin to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to protect itself from the sun and environmental pollution.
  • Finally, use our ultimate hydrating face oil to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Night Routine:

  • Start by cleansing your skin of dirt and pollution accumulated during the day with our gentle exfoliant.
  • Exfoliating with our gentle exfoliant promotes cell renewal and leaves your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.
  • Finish your night skincare routine with our hydrating face oil to lock in moisture and nourish your skin while you sleep.


  • Our Dry Skin Care Ritual nourishes and protects your skin from harsh environmental factors.
  • Regular use of our ritual helps to clear up blemishes and other skin problems.
  • Our gentle exfoliant removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.
  • Our nourishing moisturizer and ultimate hydrating face oil are specifically formulated for dry skin, keeping your skin hydrated and nourished all day and night.

By incorporating our Dry Skin Care Ritual into your daily routine, you can take the first step towards healthier, happier skin.

How to Use

Include these products in your daily skincare routine. Cleanse your face using the Rose and Tulsi face cleanser. Moisturise your face using the nourishing moisturiser.

At night after cleansing the face, use the gentle exfoliant, to remove dead skin cells massage on to the skin for 2 mins and leave for a min. Rinse well and Pat dry. Apply the moisturiser to nourish the skin and use Ultimate hydrating face oil and massage onto the face and leave it overnight.

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